Preparation of insert membranes was never that easy

The excision of the delicate microporous membranes from cell culture inserts for histopathology often provides the experimenter with unexpected problems in handling and coordinating the removal of the membrane. For this purpose, we developed a helpful device, which supports the handling of the cutting out of the membrane. The cell culture insert is placed upside- down on a precisely fi tting socket available for Falcon® and Transwell® inserts of diff erent sizes, which can be rotated via a small motor inside the CULTEX® Insertomat. The membrane can now be touched at the edge with a scalpel. The rotation speed of the insert can be manually controlled by a foot pedal and favors the cutting process, during which the membrane is held by tweezers. At the end of the process, the membrane has been removed without damage and is ready for further processing.


General features

  • An aid for the excision of microporous membranes from
    cell culture inserts
  • Adapter for diff erent cell culture inserts (Transwell® and
    Falcon® inserts, diameter 12 mm)
  • Holds and rotates the cell culture insert
  • Controlled by a foot pedal
  • Adjustable rotation speed (3 to 12 VDC)
  • Adjustable rotation direction
  • Easy handling

Application areas

  • Preparation for analytical procedures
  • Preparation of cell culture inserts for histopathology
  • Universities
  • Regulatory bodies
  • Military
  • Pharmaceutical, chemical and tobacco industry
  • Contract research laboratories

System information


  • Insertomat with a mounted adapter for 12 mm
    Transwell® inserts
  • Separate adaptor for 12 mm Falcon® inserts
  • Foot pedal
  • Power supply unit

Basic requirements

  • Power supply