First Choice Worldwide for Exposure / Cultivation Solutions at the Air-Liquid Interface (ALI)

For in vitro toxicology at the air-liquid interface (ALI) and cell cultivation, more and more clients worldwide are relying on the outstanding product solutions from Cultex® Technology, Germany:

  • Companies from many different fields
  • Public and private research establishments
  • Universities
  • Environmental organizations and other NGOs

The gold standard for optimum efficiency and productivity

The outstanding product solutions from Cultex® Technology define the international gold standard for the simulation of realistic (in- and outdoor) atmospheric conditions.

The CULTEX® RFS is the first Radial Flow System worldwide for cell-based exposure. Robust and at any time reproducible results from the analysis and investigation of gases, complex atmospheres and nanoparticles lead to significant time and cost savings and increased efficiency.

The CULTEX® LTC-C (Long Term Cultivation – Continuous) was designed to automatically supply cell cultures with medium at different time intervals over longer periods of time (weeks). The fully automated CULTEX® LTC-C requires less manual input compared to standard cell culture work, saving manpower and removing the possibility of individual influence by the operator.

The Cultex® portfolio is complemented by the provision of professional advice and support during project planning.
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Evaluate without any risk Evaluate the vast range of possibilities of the outstanding Cultex® technologies and even complete set-ups, individually tailored to your own requirements, under realistic working conditions on-site in your establishment – without any risk and at highly favorable terms.

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Cultex® Technology: The advantages for our clients

  • All product solutions and systems supplied by Cultex® Technology are characterized by their extremely precise state-of-the-art production processes using highest quality materials and components. 24 international patents for linear and radial in vitro exposure systems emphasize the expertise of Cultex® Technology as a world-class solution provider.
  • The outstanding quality of the Cultex® systems is documented by numerous certifications: application and investment security at the highest level.
  • The competence, practical experience and research know-how of the Cultex® experts facilitate flexible process and project solutions. Cultex® clients throughout the world profit from this – from tendering to process design on to the concept and realization of complex projects, such as substance- and atmosphere-specific system structures.

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