Compact Radial Flow System for parallel cell-based exposure

Like the “big” CULTEX® RFS, the newly developed Compact version of our Radial Flow System is characterized by the highest precision in design and manufacture – essential prerequisites for stably running exposure processes and for obtaining more resilient, reproducible data.

The CULTEX® RFS Compact is designed to house one type of cell culture insert size.

The new modular system consists of two main parts, the aerosol-guiding module and the sampling module. The sampling module, housing up to 6 cell culture inserts, can be used for analyzing the biological effects of the test atmosphere in all insert positions, which are separately supplied with medium. Another option allows exposure of the cultures to the test atmosphere and clean air (negative control) in parallel by guiding the aerosol via the central inlet to 3 insert positions, whilst the remaining 3 insert positions are connected to clean air.


The modular concept of CULTEX® product solutions allows simple, investment-safe upgrading of the CULTEX® RFS with a wide range of enhancement systems:


  • CULTEX® EDD Module – well-engineered Electrical Deposition Device to increase the deposition efficiency for micro-sized and nano-sized particles
  • CULTEX® DG Module – our Dust Generator recommended as essential peripheral equipment for the exposure of cells to dry powder aerosols
  • CULTEX® HyP Module – our high-precision Hydraulic Press for the production of homogeneous dust cakes for uniform aerosol generation and reproducible results
  • CULTEX® Insertomat – a helpful device for the excision of the delicate microporous membranes from cell culture inserts for histopathology
  • CULTEX® Process Plate – facilitates the processing of Falcon® and Transwell® inserts

Exposure systems

General features

  • Direct exposure technology at the air-liquid interface of cell cultures
  • Cellular systems: cell lines and primary cells from the respiratory tract as mono- or co-cultures
  • Test compounds
    • Gases
    • Particles (fine to nanoparticles)
    • Complex mixtures (e.g. tobacco smoke)
  • Application areas
    • Industrial chemicals (particulate & gaseous compounds)
    • Consumer products
    • Tobacco smoke
    • E-cigarette vapor
    • Pharmaceutical and therapeutic products
    • Pesticides
    • In- and outdoor analysis
  • Clients
    • Universities
    • Regulatory Bodies
    • Military
    • Pharmaceutical, chemical and tobacco industry
    • Contract research laboratories

Basic principles of the exposure systems

Module design

  • Inlet adapter
  • Exposure top – Aerosol guiding module
  • Base module – Sampling module
  • Socket module
  • Rack module


  • Use of the system with or without dilution

Test atmosphere

  • One sampling point
  • Radial flow system
  • Homogenous distribution of the test atmosphere to the surface of the cells
  • Reproducible deposition of the particles on the cell surface
  • Establishment of dose-response

Biological test system


  • Maintenance of cell viability
    • 37° C by electronic heating
    • Static medium supply from below the insert membrane
  • Application of 6.5 mm and 12 mm Falcon® or Transwell® inserts via special adapters

Air-liquid interphase – in vitro exposure

Exposure systems – CULTEX® RFS Compact

  • Flexible design of the exposure top for conducting parallel exposure of the cells to clean air and the test aerosol or to one type of atmosphere
  • Only for 6.5 or 12 mm Falcon®/Transwell® inserts
  • 6 exposure positions


Compact Radial Flow System for parallel cell-based exposure


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