Cultivation Systems

Cultex® LTC-C: Computer-controlled Long-Term Cultivation System

The CULTEX® LTC-C is the innovative solution for fully automated cell cultivation at the air-liquid interface (ALI) and allows cultivation periods of up to several weeks in continuous operation. Up to four incubator modules can be operated simultaneously. The main application field of the CULTEX® LTC-C is the generation of comparable cultures for mechanistic and toxicological studies.



    Advanced long-term cultivation for cells at the air-liquid interface

    Specifically designed computer-controlled system for various mammalian cells including 3D co-cultures

  • CULTEX® LTC Rack

    CULTEX® LTC Rack

    Moveable platforms for the installation of the CULTEX® LTC modules

    A rack system for an optimal installation of up to four CULTEX® LTC-C modules inside an incubator.