Electrical Deposition Device

The CULTEX® EDD is the perfect enhancement for the CULTEX® RFS and the CULTEX® RFS Compact.

With our knowledge of the CULTEX® RFS, we have developed a well-engineered electrical deposition device to increase the deposition efficiency for microsized and nanosized particles. This device guarantees an efficient deposition of particles without interfering with the cell maintenance. It expands the possibilities and the functionality of the CULTEX® Radial Flow Systems and allows higher efficiency in particle deposition especially at lower particle concentrations.CULTEX® EDD

General features

  • Enhancement for CULTEX® RFS and CULTEX® RFS Compact
  • Higher particle deposition rate
  • Less atmosphere required
  • Applicable for 6.5, 12 and 24 mm cell culture inserts as well
    as for 35 mm Petri dishes
  • Easy handling and cleaning
  • No negative influence on cell viability
  • CE safety conformity (EN61010-1:2001)
  • CE EMC conformity (EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-3)

Application areas

  • Nano-sized powders
  • Workplace atmospheres
  • Tobacco smoke
  • Pharmaceuticals


  • Universities
  • Public health institutions
  • Military
  • Pharmaceutical, chemical and tobacco industry
  • Contract research laboratories

System information

Modular design

  • Flow-through corona charger (on top of the aerosol guiding
    module of the CULTEX® RFS or CULTEX® RFS Compact)
  • Precipitator unit (integrated in socket module of the
    CULTEX® RFS or CULTEX® RFS Compact)
  • Control unit (separate)

Basic requirements

  • Power supply (100–240V)

Deposition efficiency of 0.1μm particles

  • By sedimentation 0.1%
  • By diffusion 1.8%
  • With CULTEX® EDD (charged particles) 100%

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Electrical Deposition Device


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