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Our product solutions are the result of many years of our company’s own research. Continuous further development and a level of know-how not available elsewhere have led to this decisive technological lead.

Product solutions from Cultex® Technology allow robust and at any time reproducible results – when analysing gases, complex atmospheres and nanoparticles, or during automatic cell cultivation for in vitro toxicology.

The use of highly inert materials, the precision design by Swiss experts and the manufacture by selected specialists in Germany, using state-of-the-art technology, guarantee the highest quality worldwide for the complete range of systems and tools from Cultex® Technology.

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Exposure Systems

Benefiting from the technological edge

Better is the enemy of good – especially when it comes to extreme precision, meaningful results and the reproducibility of results. That is why we brought the CULTEX® RFS onto the market: the world’s first Radial Flow Solution for cell-based exposure. The likewise patented CULTEX® RFS is a consequential further development and optimization of our technically and functionally outdated CULTEX® linear glass modules. The CULTEX® RFS is defined by the unique radial arrangement of the gas guiding tubes around one sampling point, a new standard for constant, stable and controlled particle flux and deposition in in vitro toxicology at the air liquid interface.

The adapter technology, specially developed for the CULTEX® RFS Radial Flow System, allows the use of 6.5 mm, 12 mm and 24 mm Falcon® or Transwell® inserts. In addition, by means of a special adapter for 35 mm Petri dishes, Ames tests for mutagenicity (modified Ames assays) can be carried out easily, quickly and safely. No other exposure system for in vitro toxicology worldwide offers this versatility and flexibility. The CULTEX® RFS can undertake up to 3 independent exposures simultaneously.

Cultivation Systems

Cultex® LTC-C: Computer-controlled Long-Term Cultivation System

The CULTEX® LTC-C is the innovative solution for fully automated cell cultivation at the air-liquid interface (ALI) and allows cultivation periods of up to several weeks in continuous operation. Up to four incubator modules can be operated simultaneously. The main application field of the CULTEX® LTC-C is the generation of comparable cultures for mechanistic and toxicological studies.



    Radial Flow System for direct cell exposure

    Modular precision equipment for the direct exposure of cultivated mono- and co-cultures such as bacteria (Ames Assay) at the...

  • Databiosci SR-100

    Databiosci SR-100

    Automatic Smoking Robot

    The Automatic Smoking Robot is used on studies about the effects of mainstream tobacco smoke (or side stream tobacco...

  • CULTEX® RFS Compact

    CULTEX® RFS Compact

    Compact version of the Radial Flow System

    Exposure module designed for analysing the biological effects of the test atmosphere on cells with or without negative control...



    Electrostatic Deposition Device for particles

    The perfect addition to the CULTEX® RFS (Compact). This device offers efficient deposition of particles without interfering with the...



    Dust Generator based on the Dust Feeder according to Wright (1950)

    The CULTEX® DG is able to provide uniform airborne concentrations of dust for long periods of time.



    Hydraulic Press for an accurate compression of dry powders

    Especially designed for in vitro exposure systems, the CULTEX® DG is able to provide uniform airborne concentrations of dust...



    Advanced long-term cultivation for cells at the air-liquid interface

    Specifically designed computer-controlled system for various mammalian cells including 3D co-cultures

  • CULTEX® LTC Rack

    CULTEX® LTC Rack

    Moveable platforms for the installation of the CULTEX® LTC modules

    A rack system for an optimal installation of up to four CULTEX® LTC-C modules inside an incubator.

  • CULTEX® Processing Plate

    CULTEX® Processing Plate

    Processing Plates faciliate the histopathological processing of cells cultivated or exposed on Falcon® and Transwell® inserts. Usually these plates...

  • CULTEX® Insertomat

    CULTEX® Insertomat

    The excision of the delicate microporous membranes from cell culture inserts for histopathology often provides the experimenter with unexpected...

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