Evaluate the Possibilities

In the field of cell cultivation and in vitro toxicology at the air-liquid interface (ALI), more and more clients are today relying on Cultex® Technology as their preferred partner for flexible process and project solutions.

Don’t buy a pig in a poke, i.e. sight unseen

Make your own decision, but without buying a pig in a poke:
With our program Evaluate the Possibilities, you have the opportunity to form your own opinion about the Cultex® technologies and extensively test complete set-ups, individually tailored to your own requirements, under realistic working conditions on-site in your establishment, for a period of up to three months.

In addition, we offer long-term leasing plans at fair conditions for full cost control. Take advantage of our expertise and specific service packages suited for your individual needs without high initial investments for the peace of mind.

Our goods and services:

  • Full consultation service regarding experimental set-up and implementation
  • We offer a fully functional exposure unit comprising:
    • an exposure module (CULTEX® RFS/ CULTEX® RFS Compact)
    • a Flow Controller relative to the particular exposure module (Bronkhorst) to allow correct adjustment of the aerosol flow
    • vacuum pumps for the aerosol flow
  • Experiment-related support

You can connect your own aerosol source to the exposure unit and analyze the possibilities available to study your specific atmosphere.

No risk – fair terms: get in touch with us

With predictable investments there is no risk involved once you are one hundred percent convinced of the consistent results, quality and performance of the Cultex® solutions, like hundreds of other users all over the world.

Are you interested? – Then please get in touch with our Managing Director, Professor Dr. Michaela Aufderheide for more details.


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