Cultex Laboratories offers new routine toxicity test for e-liquid quality control.

Why in vitro testing?

E-cigarette liquids contain several components, which® are generally approved as food additives. However, the approval for oral use is not necessarily relevant for their inhalational use.

Flavors especially can bear unknown risks, if inhaled. A prominent example of such a flavor is butane-2,3-dione. It is harmless if it is used as butterscotch flavor in confectionery and consumed orally. But after inhalation, it can cause bronchiolitis obliterans, a serious disease also known as the ‚popcorn lung‘.

In order to learn more about the effects after inhalational use, a test system is required which resembles the exposure situation in the human body as closely as possible.

The direct exposure of living human bronchial epithelial cells with e-cigarette vapor can reveal toxic components in e-cigarette liquids and therefore protect the consumer as well as the liquid manufacturer.

In vitro tests using human bronchial epithelial cells represent the situation in the human lung more closely, than studies in rodents do. In addition, in vitro tests are less time-consuming and costly than the respective animal studies.

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