Solvent-resistant and easy to use

Processing Plates faciliate the histopathological processing of cells cultivated or exposed on Falcon® and Transwell® inserts. Usually these plates are used for fi xation and dehydration of biological material, in this case cell cultures.

The CULTEX® Processing Plate consists of solvent-resistant plastic material and is distinguished by practical details. The plate houses, for example, 12 positions for inserts with a growth area of 1 cm², which can be fi lled with diff erent solvents during histological preparation. The plate can be covered by a metal top plate, off ering the possibility to label the diff erent positions of the inserts.


General features

  • Plate for the histopathological processing of cell culture
  • For use in fi xation and dehydration
  • Dimensions: 85.5 x 127.5 x 22.8 mm

Application areas

  • Preparation for analytical procedures
  • Preparation of cell culture inserts for histopathology


  • Universities
  • Regulatory bodies
  • Military
  • Pharmaceutical, chemical and tobacco industry
  • Contract research laboratories

System information


  • Solvent resistant material
  • 12 positions (cell culture inserts: 12 mm)
  • Metal cover plate
  • Possibility to label the diff erent insert positions

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