Automatic Smoking Robot

The Automatic Smoking Robot is used on studies about the effects of mainstream tobacco smoke (or side stream tobacco smoke) on the health of small animals, such as the preparation of small animal (mice, rats) chronic obstructive pulmonary disease models, bronchitis model, and cigarette smoke analysis.

The Automatic Smoking Robot is programmable and can automatically complete the process of loading, igniting, smoking, and picking cigarettes according to the program. It is suitable for scientific research cigarettes and ordinary commercial cigarettes. Cigarette diameter: slim, neutral, extra thick; suitable for various cigarettes lengths.

Automatic Smoking Robot: Databiosci SR-100

Automatic Smoking Robot: Databiosci SR-100

Exposure systems

General features

  • High stability and repeatability, capable of continuously smoking of 200 cigarettes without adjustment and maintenance;
  • Two smoking modes in compliance with FTC/ISO 3308 and CIR rules are offered, and user-defined smoking modes are also possible;
  • Automation: After simply loading cigarettes into the cigarette box and setting up a program, the remaining experimental process does not require manual operation;
  • Mainstream smoke will be generated; side stream smoke can also be collected for passive smoking research experiments;
  • Silent working mode: Not driven by an air compressor, quiet and minimized disturbance to laboratory animals;
  • Automatic cleaning: Automatic cleaning by air after experiments;

CSM software:

The software provides a visual and easy-to-operate control interface, with experimental parameters at a glance. It can display real-time parameters such as number of cigarettes smoked, total smoke volume, times of smoking, dilution volume, smoking rule, duration of experiment, and remaining time.

The software can be embedded into the eComa software to connect the device with Air-liquid interface cell exposure system, making your exposure experiments easier.

Main Parameters

  • Unique SSAT automatic smoking technology, stable and accurate, less loss;
  • Smoking rules: two optional rules in line with ISO 3308 and CIR;
  • Automatic cigarettes loading, equipped with an cigarette box for 200 cigarettes;
  • Smoking mode: Single or multiple cigarette(s);
  • Cigarette loading quantity: 10 pieces;
  • Dilution: maximum 3L/min;
  • Smoking speed: ≤ 4.5 seconds/puff;
  • Multiple safety: the system provides alarms for invalid loading, cigarette overburning, abnormal process and other safety measures to ensure the safety of the system;
  • Software: Independent control and analysis software, providing ISO 3308 bell curve and CIR bell curve modes as options; self-defined curve mode is also possible, e.g. customers can define times of smoking, frequency, dilution rate, flow rate, smoking volume, experiment time and cigarettes numbers in compliance with FDA 21 CFR PART 11 regulations.


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